It’s an interesting thing.

It’s complex.

But at the same time

It’s simple.

Love is one of the few things people both crave and need.

Love is easy to find.

Easy to feel.

Easy to know.

Yet it is not tangible.

The more we know love,

The more it envelops us.

Love can trap us,

Control us,

Hold us hostage.

Love becomes us.

We become reliant on love like how an addict relies on substance.

Love cannot save us,

But it can be the reason why we fight.

Love becomes the wound that bleeds.

The space that needs to be filled.

The emptiness that echoes into silence.

Love is ultimately the endless void that demands to be filled.

The need for love is almost debilitating.

But the feeling is every pleasant word one can think of.

Love controls us.

It is the ultimate master, and a constant companion.

It is the reason why we progress.

Without love,

There is no reason to go on

No reason to fight

No reason to live.

Love is in us.

We are in love.

And together,

love leads us through a life worth living.

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