I don’t know how to begin this.

How do you describe yourself

Without giving too much of yourself away?

I never realized how much I like my name.

My name kind of carries me.

I also feel dumb writing this

Cuz it’s late…

Very late,

Like me.

I’m usually late…

Very late…

To everything.

Like this assignment

That was due a week ago.

I also don’t know why I’m writing in this awful one-line-tryna-be-artsy way. Let’s change that.

I am a girly girl. Pink makes me happier than it should. If I could huff the color pink I would. My favorite time of day is when the sun is setting, but I don’t call them “sunsets” I call them, “pink time.” My favorite novel is “Fancy Nancy” (hence the pen name.) I love clothes but I hate shopping. So ya in conclusion I am a girl and I think that’s fun but other girls also scare me. Girls are scary. We* are scary. I am sorry for our malicious ways. I envy how boys get mad at each other, hit something, and then come back and say like, “bro sorry I was being a d1ck let’s make a sandwich.” And all is well. So like ya. Go women’s rights and suffrage and end that darn wage gap but also stop the snakey whisperings and duplicitous gossips and the borderline psycho inflictions of intense emotional pain. I am going through an intense obsession over McDonald’s new Tropic Berry Sprite®️. I always have gum. My room is about as messy as this blog post. I smell fantastic, I really do. I want like 15+ kids and I’m gonna give them all an instrument and I’m gonna haul them around in one of those Mercedes 18 passenger luxury mobiles and have a lil family band and be best friends and we’re all gonna be so tight and everyone is gonna love my kids cuz they’re gonna just exude swag. Patriotism is a personality trait and if you don’t have it I won’t waste my time with you. I am a firm believer in empathy, and a firm disbeliever that you have to go through something in order to know another person’s pain. A life motto that I have given myself has been, “logic cannot always reason with emotion.” Cuz it turns out your head and your heart are two different things and if you try to squash them together you’ll either be very messed up or a very good band. I firmly believe that holding a freshly, lotioned, bathed, and pajama’d baby can heal almost any ailment. Face masks won’t fix all of your problems, but they will get pretty darn close. I am passionate about pajamas and pretty much anything that will bring maxcomfort. I have learned that the coolest thing to do is not always the funnest. And I’ve learned to love people, and to know them, because it’s very hard to hate someone you know.

Bye guys. Make sure to like and subscribe ;).

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